Please have respect for the site, the fish and your fellow campers

We hate rules but unfortunately experience has forced us to introduce these. We sincerely do not wish to offend and they are here simply for clarification purposes to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Please note only one fishing peg may be booked per camping pitch

1. No tackle to be left unattended (more than 4m away) when any lines are dry.

2. Anglers must be within 1m of their tackle whenever a line is wet

3. No more than 1/2kg of groundbait per day MAX please

3. No bait boats

4. Please ensure all walkways are easily passable by others when setting up your tackle

5. Most baits are allowed but only shop prepared Tigernuts are allowed. Unopened package must be presented for inspection BEFORE fishing.

6. No lines to extend beyond the middle of the lake from  your peg

7. No fishing to commence without a valid permit issued by us.

8. Minimum 42” knot less landing nets that are completely dry on arrival.

9. Barbless hooks. (Micro barbs are NOT barbless)

10. Hook link material must be lighter breaking strain than mainline.

12. Antiseptic and applicator must be applied to all fish before returning.

13. Absolutely NO KILL of any species

14. All fish to be released back to the water as soon a possible - absolutely no keep nets.

15. No night fishing - Strictly dawn to dusk. If the campsite lights are on you are overtime.

16. Absolutely no damage to any trees or vegetation anywhere on-site.

17. No braided mainline. Any braided rigs to be sheathed - no exceptions please.

18. No fishing between pegs

19. Fishing exclusive to residents only - Sorry - no day guest tickets.

20. You have 1.5m either side of your peg marker for ALL your gear please


NEW for 2020….

21. Due to the increasing size of the specimen fish we must now insist on a wetted Carp Cradle be used at all times to minimise the distress to the fish. If you don't have your own we rent them for €25 per visit please reserve at the time of booking to ensure we have one available.

22. Fish must be fully supported by the Carp Cradle when being photographed and not lifted in the air by hand. We've lost a specimen 35lbs Mirror when she was accidentally dropped. Help us to ensure that does not happen again please.


If you feel that any of these rules is unfair or inappropriate please fish elsewhere. Any contravention of these rules will result in your fishing permit being revoked and you may be asked to leave the site immediately.

We have a simple overall rule here…

Please have respect for the site, the fish and your fellow campers

Fishing Rules